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Frequently Asked questions

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Why should I build with Mediterranean?

Mediterranean Custom Pools have enjoyed stable trading as a Guseli Family business since the name was first registered in 1976, so we can offer unmatched stability, reliability and experience, in fact the Guseli's experience in construction can be traced back to the patriarch Alvaro Guseli who learned stonemasonry in Italy in the 1920's.

Our extensive experience together with the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation adds value to your project, from the initial consultation through the construction process and on to our after sales service.

Why choose concrete?

Concrete offers an almost limitless flexibility of design and finishes, as well as superior strength and durability.

At Mediterranean we don't just use concrete, we have an intimate understanding of concrete, we understand the factors at each stage of construction that can have either a beneficial or detrimental effect on the project as a whole.

A concrete Mediterranean Custom Pool is as individual as you are and will enhance the value of your home for generations to come.

Why fully tile?

A fully tiled Mediterranean Pool not only looks great it's a pleasure to own. Tiles are the easiest surface to keep clean and outlast any other finish. It's our experience that tiles are so much better than any other finish that we don't believe there is a second choice

How will I know I'm getting the cleaning and water treatment system that best suits my individual circumstances?

Whether your priorities are energy efficiency, or minimal maintenance, whether you live in an urban or rural environment, we carefully observe and listen to your individual needs. At Mediterranean we have an thorough understanding of the available products and the experience to know what works best in varying situations.

What should I know about warranties?

The best warranty is one that you don't need, and at Mediterranean our individually developed construction methods and techniques have stood the test of time, as a testament to this you are welcome to come and inspect our display pool constructed in 1986.

When it comes to the equipment, we carefully choose suppliers of industry leading products that provide excellent warranties as well as having the stability to ensure they will be there if required. We are wary of warranties that are longer than the product and/or company has been in existence.

I know what I want, where do I start?

With a phone call to either set up an appointment or discuss you design, an initial costing can be quickly calculated at no cost to you.

I have no idea what I want, where do I start?

With a phone call to determine if you need an on site consultation and design, or perhaps just some helpful advise to steer you in the right direction, Once you decide on a basic concept, an initial costing can be calculated.

How energy efficient is a Mediterranean Pool?

Swimming Pool efficiency is much more than just using energy efficient equipment. The equipments interface with the pool can enhance or hinder it's performance. At Mediterranean we understand what's needed to construct a swimming pool with class leading energy efficiency that will also be very easy to maintain.

How long will it take?

The construction of the swimming pool can be completed in just a few weeks. Depending on the extent of associated landscape works - paving, fencing and so on - this can sometimes stretch out to a few months. Just like slow cooked food, a little time is required to produce a superior result.

Will I be getting the very latest technology?

At Mediterranean we believe that good technology should serve a useful purpose and simplify your life. We keep up to date with the latest innovations and have the experience to assist you to use the technology that is right for your project.