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Mediterranean's History

Guseli Family, owners of Mediterranean Custom Pools

Don and Robert Guseli are understandably very proud of the achievements of Mediterranean Custom Pools.

Originally established by Don and two of his brothers, Peter and Guido, Mediterranean Pools always has, and continues to be a strong family business. The three brothers combined the construction skills passed down from their father Alvaro with a strong work ethic, and a desire to change the perception that pools are a lot of work. The hundreds of pools that date back to the 70's and are still going strong provides concrete proof that they succeeded.

The business is now owned and operated by Robert, Don's eldest son. Roberts two sons Jon-Paul and Joel, his sister in-law Clara and daughter in-law Vanessa also work in the business. The family has been building quality pools and spas for over 35 years and have earned a reputation as leaders in their field. So much so that Mediterranean Custom Pools have been the recipient of many state and national awards including the top ranking National Pool and Spa awards. See some of our awards.

Revolving around a commitment to professional service and continual improvement, they consistently receive the respect of their peers and glowing comments from their very satisfied customers. Read some of our testimonials.

Their Kialla showroom is not just a sales centre but rather a place where people can discuss their personal requirements and design ideas and receive reliable, time tested advice. They can also see for themselves the original Mediterranean display pool constructed in 1986.

Durability and low maintenance are among the many benefits of owning a Mediterranean Custom Pool. A Mediterranean Custom Pool is custom designed and constructed to suit your individual needs, and adds value to your home and lifestyle. See more of our custom concrete inground pools.

"I have been amazed at how little maintenance is involved with my pool to keep it sparkling clean.
It's been great for the whole family and a good lifestyle investment."
- Trevor Dainton, Shepparton


Mediterranean Custom Pool Family The late Alvaro Guseli is the patriarch of the five generations of Guselis now living in Shepparton.

Alvaro learned and practiced his craft as a structural stone mason about 80 km from Rome, at a place called Castelliri, while he and his wife Emilia, brought up their eight children.

Their three eldest boys, Michelle (Mick), born in 1933, Antonio (Tony), in 1935 and Donato (Don), in 1937, left Castelliri in their late teens in search of a better life in Australia. Mick and Tony joined an engineering company involved in the construction of the Snow Mountains Hydro-electric scheme and Don worked at Cooma at a shoe repairer.

On the 16th of April 1958, Tony and 3 other young men were killed in the worst multiple fatality of the scheme. They were working near Cabramurra when a brake failed on an elevator winch. (See the book: The Snowy, The people behind the power, by Siobhan McHugh published by Angus and Robertson, page 236) Their names are now among those honored at Cooma in a monument to those who lost their lives during the schemes construction. So it was under these tragic circumstances that Alvaro and Emilia brought their younger children, Maria, Pietro (Peter), Guido and Anna to Australia.

Mediterranean Custom Pool Family

In 1960, as construction of the Scheme was winding down Alvaro, Emilia and the rest of the family settled in Shepparton. On February 26 1967, the family was once again struck by tragedy when Mick was killed in a construction site accident at Sora, near Rome.

Back in Shepparton, Alvaro was establishing his reputation in the building industry, specializing in terrazzo tiling, marble work and Castlemaine slate. In the early 60's he purchased the Goulburn Valley Highway property that has remained with the family and now serves as the Mediterranean display centre.

In 1965 Alvaro, Guido and Peter built a new two story family home in Clifton Street. This was reputedly the first home in Shepparton constructed with a suspended concrete floor and is still as solid as the day it was built.

It was in the late 60's when Don first had the idea of getting a swimming pool while taking Robert and his brother Paul swimming in the Goulburn river. After researching an American method of spraying concrete, a system that was not well known in Australia, Don built his first pool in his own back yard in Furphy Avenue Kialla in 1974. They still use the same method today to build first class quality pools and spas.

Now in their 5th decade and with over 1500 pools completed, Mediterranean Custom Pools continue to maintain a consistently high standard of quality with their work.

At Mediterranean we view each pool we construct as a continuation of a proud heritage that began four generations ago.